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Home Paper Shredders and the FTC Disposal Rule   by Corey Duncan

Individuals Must Properly Dispose of Consumer Information The Federal Trade Commission on June 1, 2005 created a new rule known as the Disposal rule which outlines how to properly dispose of consumer information. The Disposal Rule requires that a reasonable method of disposal must be established and followed to safeguard against the release of consumer information. This includes not only businesses, but individuals. Thus along with medical practices, banks and government facilities, individuals who have obtained private information from local contractors, renters, or even nannies, must adhere to these guidelines.

Proper Disposal
Consumer information should be burned, or shredded before disposal. Even inexpensive home paper shredders now have the ability to shred documents into confetti. All electronic files such as cd and dvd files should be shredded before disposal, and computer hard drives should be erased. A PC file shredder is recommended, since even hard drives that are erased and reformatted, can be mined for passwords and private information with special software. And any private disposal company to which you outsource your shredding, must be reviewed with due diligence.

The new Disposal Rule is not only an FTC requirement. It is just good business practice. The loss of private information due to identity theft is prevalent and preventable. Furthermore the protection of this consumer data is now not only a requirement, it can prevent a future lawsuit. If you run a small home business, invest in a home paper shredder. It is a wise investment in the future of your business.

About the Author

Corey Duncan is the owner of Home Paper Shredders - A great resource for pc file shredders, crosscut paper shredders and CD shredders.